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Astuto Travel reviews some top Dominican Republic travel tips for those looking to enjoy this holiday destination. Several suggestions throughout this article can help you prepare to experience what to do and what to enjoy on your Dominican vacation.

Santo Domingo is the capital city of the Dominican Republic and is well known for its walled, cobblestoned historic core. Called the Zona Colonial, this town area has buildings constructed as early as the 1500s. For example, the cathedral is thought to be the first built in the New World. The lively city is a hub for historical and cultural outings and offers visitors many museums, including several filled with medieval and Renaissance art.

Astuto Travel Reveals Top Dominican Republic Travel Tips

Tropical Beach with Astuto Travel

If you are a history buff, Santo Domingo offers plenty of exciting options for you to enjoy. The island’s sandy beaches and consistent water temperatures make it a popular holiday destination anytime. Astuto Travel members reveal that visitors can experience a diverse culture while traveling to Dominican holiday destinations for various reasons.

Although the Dominican Republic is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after holiday destinations, there are plenty of ways to personalize your trip. The weather is perfect all year round, and Astuto Travel offers accommodations at luxury resorts to its members any time of year; however, most visitors find traveling to the Caribbean more expensive in the winter months.

There are more perks to visiting the island during the off-season than just saving money, according to Astuto Travel members. Traveling during the off-season is a great way to avoid crowds. The first two weeks of December and the week after New Year’s tend to be overlooked by many travelers focused on the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The National Palace in Santo Domingo houses

May and October are also excellent choices for off-peak travel as most children are still in school, so fewer families travel during these months. The best part of traveling off-peak is that visitors enjoy the same luxuries and amenities; however, the overall cost of the vacation can be significantly less, according to many Astuto Travel members. So why not travel to these beautiful destinations during the off-season and save the extra money for some luxurious duty-free shopping.

Members share the basic needs that appeal to Dominican destinations. The local language of the Dominican nationals is Spanish, so learning at least a few key phrases is highly recommended. However, most resort staff speak perfect English and are ready to assist you with all your vacationing needs.

Also, many people on the island have a working knowledge of English, especially in and around its resorts and surrounding areas, so communicating is not difficult. However, everyone appreciates visitors who at least make an effort, so tourists who know the basic Spanish phrases will find it comfortable and convenient to enjoy a holiday there.

Most resorts of the Dominican Republic offer visitors transport like shuttle buses to main beaches or to and from airports. Tourists who know how to drive around and carry a license can rent cars or scooters to enjoy the Dominican destinations at their own pace. That being said, many resorts offer all-inclusive services, so simply staying at a luxurious resort on a great beach may provide everything at your fingertips.

So whether you are interested in history, water sports, beautiful beaches, or pure relaxation, Astuto Travel members suggest that a Dominican holiday destination may just be perfect for you.

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